Frequently asked questions

Yes, our products are designed for children ages 0-12, they have been tested safe for babies as well as older children. Tiny Mighty products uses completely tear-free ingredients. However we do not recommend applying product in the eyes .We are also dermatology tested.

Yes, It is critical for us so that we could ensure our products would not be irritating to skin or eyes. However, if your child has a skin condition such as psoriasis or atopic dermatitis. We suggest you use extra caution, as skin after coming in contact is more likely to become irritated.

Yes, we use less than 0.9% certified allergen free fragnance.

We make 99.1% and above plant-based products to deliver the best natural results.

We have made two ranges to cater to age appropriate ingredients and formulations. For instance our babies range is for below two year babies and our kids range caters to 2 years + kids.

TM products are made using gentle, safe ingredients which provide soothing effect for the little ones. As parents, we are always concerned about harmful and harsh ingredients used in kids products. We have ensured we never use any toxins or parabens etc in our product. We promise to use over 99% plant based ingredient and reminder as ifra certified allergen fragrance.

We use a minimalist ingredients approach and safe formulation that works for babies and kids body and hair. Our products do not contain toxins, parabens, sulphates, added colours, chemicals (except less than 0.9% of certified allergen free fragrance in our products. We promise no nasties and no added nonsense.

Yes all our products are dermatologically tested. Only hair oil and massage oil which contain 100% cold pressed oil are not tested. Do we need to?

No, we promise we are a cruelty free brand.

All our products are manufactured in GMP certified facilities in India and we have necessary licence for each of our products.

We use Plastic bottles which are completely recyclable and our products come in fun super squeazy packaging formats.

Of course, all the ingredients are plant based (like natural preservatives or coconut based cleansers or surfactants) and almost all of it is free of chemicals. Yes over 99.1% of it. Remaining is lovely scents we use which too are certified allergen free.